Yu Sasaki

Shy, quiet but with an energy about him, Yu tells Matty and I about the plates he is serving on. His father made them! They come all the way from Yu's hometown on Honshu in Japan. A small town where his father create wooden and ceramic dishes with the same care that Yu creates cookies with... alot. I felt the care when I handled a plate for the first time. The hours spent in creation or the plates is made apparent by the attention to detail and beautiful finishing of the cherry blossom timber. An incredible privilege to be dining on Yu's food, served on plates his father made with friends he holds dear.

Braised Pork Neck and Heirloom Pickles
Sasaki Ke Chawan Mushi (Egg Custard)
Onion and Roast Pumpkin Soup
Fried Calamari with White Sesame Seed Mayonnaise