Aperitivo: The Negroni

by Matthew James Woodward

An italian classic. My goto summer bevvie.

You'll need

  • 1 bottle high quality gin
  • 1 bottle Rosso / sweet Vermouth
  • 1 orange, skin only
  • Ice
  • 1 bottle Campari

Here's how

  1. Make sure the negronis are ice cold and plentiful
  2. Take a slice of orange peel, twist over the glass, rub across the rim and use for garnish.
  3. Take a short glass, fill with ice and add 50mL gin, 30mL campari & 30mL rosso. Stir thoroughly.

About the Author

Matthew James Woodward

I'm an Industrial Design graduate focusing on all areas of the creative process. I spend my time as the Creative Director and Co-founder of the Australian lifestyle brand Gentleman's Brand Co, Innovation Agency Dream, Social Shopping platform WVNT and a little thing called Nourish.

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