Angie Trinh

When I was a child my mother made it easy to fall in love with food. My family's home cooked meals taught me Asian flavours but our eating out adventures allowed me to experience other cuisines which to this day shapes my eating habits. When I first moved out of home my interests went from just eating food to actually preparing and cooking it. These days you'll find a pile of cookbooks stacked up next to my bed, random recipes torn from magazines lying around my house and a notebook filled with food ideas that pop up in my head randomly. I split my time between a country town and a city. The country town gives me access to local produce that inspires my cooking and the city allows me to broaden my palate with all the different restaurants to try. I'm always looking for people to feed and I love how a meal can connect you with others whether it be for a celebration or in commiseration. I want to share with people all the tasty things I either find when I eat out or that I create in my happy place... my kitchen.

Green tea soba noodles in chilled vegetable broth
Beetroot Tzatziki
Strawberry and Apple Baked Oats
Wild Rice Salad on Sauteed Tuscan Kale