Tortillas de Sardinillas: No Better Beer Snack

by Sophie McComas

Friends, you will not find a better beer snack than these.

A galpal of mine who spent a boozy university year away in Spain (and whom I always trust for delicious tips) told me about the crisp, salty tortillas de camarones of Cadiz and I thus was very keen to try them when we arrived in the small town on the Andalucían coast.

Sold in bars and in the markets, these little fritters are made typically with tiny little school prawns (camarones), added whole to a nutty chickpea, onion and parsley batter that fries up into lacy disks. I searched and searched and searched but could not find those mini prawns anywhere for this recipe, and have a feeling they’ll be tough to find back home, too. Instead what I did find were baskets of tiny and thin silver fish. “Sardinillas!” said the fishmonger, baby sardines.

..."a nutty chickpea, onion and parsley batter that fries up into lacy disks."

At home, whitebait would be a perfect substitute. I’ve also added in a handful of crushed dried prawns, the ones you can find in all Asian supermarkets. Got the hot sauce handy? It’s not Spanish, but it works very well with these.

You can view the full recipe here:
Tortillas de Sardinillas (baby sardine fritters)

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