Picana - my favourite steak!

by Nick Benson

My idea of a perfect steak... simple. There are a few things to think about with this particular cut of meat. The first thing I would recommend is slicing it yourself, buy a whole rump cap and break the cut down just the way you want it!

You'll need

  • brussels sprouts to serve!
  • 1kg grass fed picana / rump cap
  • course black pepper
  • course pink rock salt

Here's how

  1. Preheat your BBQ to a high heat. To test if its hot, sprinkle some water across the grill, if it flashes to steam, your grill is ready! Place your steaks fat side facing up and cook for around 5 minutes or until appropriate level of colour is achieved on steak. Repeat this process on both sides of the steak. After 15 minutes you should be left with all sides bar the fat looking caramelised and delicious. Now turn the steak over with fat side on the grill, cook like this until all the fat has rendered away.
  2. Firstly, figure out how many people you are cooking for. If you have 3 hungry folks, cut thicker steaks. If you have 5 peckish people, slightly thinner steaks is great too. Once you have decided how many steaks to break the rump cap down to, flip the meat to fat side down and cut your steaks. I usually cut them 5cm thick. Once you have your steaks, score the fat and cover the meat with rock salt, then bring to room temperature.
  3. I like to serve a steak like this sliced through diagonally at around 1cm thick with a side of pan fried brussels sprouts.
  4. Have enough foil to wrap up each steak twice to rest. Resting is a very important part of the meat cooking process, it allows the meat to relax after cooking and will result in a more tender steak. Rest for 10 minutes.

About the Author

Nick Benson

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