Perfect Scrambled Eggs

by Nick Benson

This is how I do perfect scrambled eggs every time. Thin ribbons, creamy and delicious

You'll need

  • grass-fed butter
  • room temperature free range eggs

Here's how

  1. Just as all the egg is cooked but is still a little wet, turn the heat off and let the residual heat cook off the last of the moisture. Season with sea salt, black pepper and, if you're like me, a knob of grass fed butter!
  2. At this point, take the handle in your hand and raise it up so that the pan is on an angle towards the heat and the cooked egg is up out of the heat. Using your wooden spoon, keep the cooked egg up towards the handle and let the raw egg run towards the heat. As the runny egg cooks, stir it up away from the heat and let more runny egg take its place.
  3. Pour your seasoned, whisked eggs into the pan and get hold of a wooden spoon! The goal from here on out is to create thin ribbons of egg. When a thin layer of egg has cooked on the bottom of the pan, using the wooden spoon swirl it up of the bottom and move it to the side of the pan with the handle. Repeat until around half the egg mixture is cooked.
  4. Take a knob of butter and melt enough in a fry pan big for the amount of eggs you have, a medium heat is perfect. For any more than 2 people I would use a large pan.
  5. Lightly whisk all eggs together in a bowl and season well.

About the Author

Nick Benson

Martini, Negroni, 2004 Curly Flat pinot. All eatin', all dancin'. Get me on a stream, catching trout, cooking over a fire for a bunch of people.

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